Our 10 Day Food Detox


Detox?  I never believed in doing a detox before, so why now?  People ask me all the time what prompted our drastic change in eating habits and lifestyle, so here it is.

Sunday 27th April 2014 is one Sunday I won’t forget.

Heading out for my weekly Sunday morning “walk and talk” with my soul sister, I decided to test my blood glucose level (BGL).  6 months prior to this I had removed as much processed food from our diet and was trying to eat as organic and free range/grass fed/pastured as possible.  My aim was to improve our health.  We have 2 grand daughters who live in Canada, and I wanted to remain as healthy as I could to enable us to travel and visit them as often as we could.  Over the 6 month period, I had lost about 3kg but my main health concern was still the debilitating arthritic pain I had to put up with.  Why I decided to test my BGL that day, I’ll never know, but I’ve always trusted my instincts and so I just did.  I had just finished a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice and my BGL was 6mmol/L which did not concern me too much as there is plenty of fructose in orange juice.  My husband who was standing by watching, and forever the skeptic, decided that he wanted to know what his BGL was too.  Horror of all horrors, his was a fasting level and it was 8.2mmol/L!  There and then we decided that it was all systems go, from zero to hero, starting immediately.  I had been reading the 10-Day Detox Diet by Mark Hyman, but had been a bit skeptical about how it could work so quickly.  Now there was a definite need to try something drastic straight away and so there was no transition.  I purged the fridge, purged the pantry, bought our own glucometer and test strips, an iHealth fancy scale and we started the same day!  The last thing I wanted was for my husband to be on medication as I was very aware of all the potential side effects.  We were going to conquer this health challenge and hopefully beat it.

And so we began what has now become our new lifestyle.

Although this is called a detox, it is important to realize that it is a FOOD detox.  It is not a lemon and water cleansing detox, liquid only, starvation diet.  The body is detoxed of all processed food, wheat/gluten, obviously sugar, soy, dairy products, caffeine and alcohol. All of these foodstuffs have the potential to cause many different disease states mainly due to their inflammatory properties, so by eliminating them we reduce inflammation, kick start the body’s hormones to work as they should and hopefully fix the problem!  In modern technological terms we were about to “restore our factory settings”!  Everybody who completes the 10 day detox feels so much better that they hopefully carry on eating as close to how they did during the detox for ever after! Well this is what the book claims, so we were hopeful.

This is it in a nutshell.  If you are interested in the science behind everything, there are 3 books I have read by Dr Mark Hyman where everything is discussed in detail.  I bought The Blood Sugar Solution and The Blood Sugar Solution Cook Book on iBooks and The Blood Sugar Solution 10-Day Detox Diet on Amazon.  Mark Hyman has a website where you can request journal sheets, how to work with your doctor, etc, so have a look here when you get the chance.   Mark Hyman is a functional medical doctor as opposed to most GP’s who practice conventional medicine.  Functional medical doctors treat the system, not the symptom thereby creating health and a happy person, allowing weight loss to follow naturally once all the body’s systems are working as they should.

Unfortunately “everything in moderation”, which is a typical food industry slogan, has failed abysmally in the prevention of disease and obesity.  The food industry only want you to buy their food, so they have chemically manipulated products in order to make us biologically addicted and the most addictive thing appears to be the sugar!  So as an unsuspecting customer you want more and more sugar, so definitely not in moderation and so the avalanche of a host of imbalances arises in the body which leads to disease state after disease state…. Think of it like expecting a cocaine addict to be happy with a little bit every day….

So Dr Hyman claims that the 10 day detox is enough time to reset all your hormones and make you healthy and happy (most, if not all of the hormones in your body are controlled by insulin to a certain degree) and get you off biologically addicted foodstuffs that the food industry want you to eat to keep them rich, while the pharmaceutical companies wish to keep you dependent on medication.

The 10 day detox is successful if you do it the right way.  You will reset your biology very quickly and by eating the right food at the right times, made properly from real food so it is delicious, you won’t be hungry and you will see results.  His website gives you tools to use for journaling and he also tells you what supplements you should use.  The change in how you feel will usually be accompanied by a change in eating patterns and behaviour which is what is needed to keep you on this path.  Just like disease is contagious, health is also contagious.  I know that where I work the girls will say to me, “there is food on the back table, but we know you won’t eat it”…hopefully they too will eat less and less of the junk they call food.  If you want to be healthy and lose weight, it is also easier to succeed if you don’t do it alone.  Doing it with someone or as part of a group doubles your success rate.

So this is what we did:


  • All sugar products or anything containing sugar such as honey, agave…soft drinks, bottled teas, fruit juice, sports drinks as well as ALL diet drinks
  • gluten and grains (wheat, rye, barley, spelt and oats)
  • dairy (milk, yoghurt, cheese, ice cream, butter, cream, casein)
  • beans, any type (they ferment in your gut and this causes inflammation…) and legumes (except green beans)
  • all soy and soy products
  • all processed and factory made foods
  • all refined and processed vegetable oils
  • alcohol
  • caffeine
  • any stimulants or sedatives unless you are on regular medication…
  • if you are a smoker of course you should stop but this may not be the time..overcome one addiction at a time
  • media overload, phones, texting, internet, television, social media…
  • eating dinner less than 3 hours before bed


Your body needs to heal, detoxify, and shed excess weight.  The combination of foods and lifestyle changes is designed to work synergistically to help “restore your factory settings” .  You add in potent healing and detoxing elements.

  • Foods that boost detox pathways – foods rich in B vitamins, vitamin A, vitamin C and antioxidants and phytonutrients that are naturally found in BOK CHOY, BROCCOLI, BRUSSELS SPROUTS, CABBAGE, CAULIFLOWER, CAYENNE PEPPER, CILANTRO, GARLIC, GINGER, KALE, LEMON, ONION, PARSLEY, ROSEMARY, WATERCRESS AND SEA VEGETABLES (IF YOU CAN FIND THEM) LIKE KOMBU.  EGGS are not a plant but contain detoxifying nutrients and sulfur.
  • foods that reduce inflammation – inflammation is your body’s normal reaction to fighting off bacteria or healing an infection.  We usually don’t know when we have an inflamed (or leaky) gut but it is your immune system fighting off stress, bad food, allergens, etc in your gut. Anything that causes inflammation will also cause insulin resistance and insulin resistance makes your body generate belly fat and hold on to your spare tyre. So we need foods that will reduce inflammation. (foods that CAUSE the inflammation are sugar, refined carbs, tran fats, excess omega 6 fats from processed plant/vegetable oils, ARTIFICIAL SWEETNERS, msg, gluten, grains and dairy).  Foods that are rich in omega 3 fats such as SALMON, omega 3 rich EGGS, GRASS FED BEEF, CHIA SEEDS, HEMP SEEDS, FLAX SEEDS, WALNUTS… Spices that are anti-inflammatory include TURMERIC. Other foodstuffs that reduce inflammation are BERRIES, DARK GREEN LEAFY VEGETABLES, EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL, HEALTHY FATS FOUND IN NUTS AND AVOCADO as well as HIGH QUALITY PROTEIN, LIKE ORGANIC POULTRY AND WILD SEAFOOD.
  • foods that improve gut function – we need good bugs in our digestive system to stay healthy.  Eating junk causes bad bugs to grow and thrive and they produce toxins and gas that cause inflammation, weight gain, bloated tummy, etc.When you eat the wrong food, you create a harmful imbalance that damages your gut lining, creating a leaky gut.  Partially digested food particles and microbial toxins then leak across your gut triggering an inflammatory response as they are foreign substances.  The inflammation in turn damages your metabolism, affects how your brain controls appetite and creates insulin resistance and WEIGHT GAIN! It is essential to follow the whole-food, high fibre, low starch and low sugar diet that this detox is based on to starve the bad bugs and feed the good bugs. PUMPKIN SEEDS, BOK CHOY, KALE, TOMATOES, CARROTS, CHICKEN, TURKEY, SALMON, ONIONS AND PARSLEY all improve gut function.
  • foods that balance blood sugar – PROTEIN IS KEY FOR BALANCING YOUR BLOOD SUGAR.  Include some form of lean, preferably organic or grass fed animal protein with delicious vegetables or salad.
  • exercise – begin each day with a 30 minute walk – exercise reduces craving and regulates appetite, improves insulin sensitivity, boosts your mitochondria and metabolism, mobilizes detox pathways, reduces cortisol (the stress hormone that causes belly fat), reduces inflammation and promotes better sleep. If you already go to the gym or do another form of exercise, continue with this but restrict cardio to a maximum of 30 minutes at a time (cardio for 40 minutes and more increases your levels of cortisol which increases insulin resistance and this leads to fat storage)
  • supplements – this creates lots of confusion – vitamins and minerals are not drugs and don’t work like drugs, but they are essential to ensure every chemical reaction in our body happens so that our bodies functions properly.  Each reaction requires a catalyst (enzyme) and each catalyst has a helper (coenzyme). Vitamins and minerals are these helpers. Regarding weight loss –  nutrients play a critical role. You burn calories better, your appetite is regulated, inflammation is lowered, detoxification is boosted, digestion aided, stress hormones regulated and you cells become more insulin sensitive. The food we eat today is not as nutrient dense as food was 50 years ago.  Soils have been depleted of minerals and even if we eat organic, when our bodies are detoxing they usually need a little help.
  • hydration – drink drink drink – plenty of water – 2.2litres for females, 2.8litres for males
  • journaling – write down what you eat and how you feel
  • relaxation – this is essential. Stress increases your levels of insulin, cytokines (causing inflammation) and cortisol (causing belly fat).  Stress also increases your appetite and your carb and sugar cravings, triggering the metabolic dysfunction that leads to weight gain. A DETOX BATH helps de-stress your nervous system.
  • Rhythm – get your rhythm back by getting your timing right, what time you wake up, what time you go to sleep, meal times, the time you take to eat, the time you exercise and the time you relax…get it right!  Don’t skip meals, don’t eat late, and most important don’t skip breakfast. DON’T EAT LESS THAN 3 HOURS BEFORE BEDTIME.
  • Sleep – is absolutely essential. If you deprive your body of sleep, it increases levels of the appetite-stimulating hormone ghrelin and suppresses the appetite-controlling hormone leptin.  Sleep is a natural appetite suppressant, especially when it comes to sugar.
  • 5 DEEP BREATHS 5 TIMES A DAY – 5 deep breaths in and out – do this on waking up, before breakfast, lunch and dinner and at bedtime. The trigger for relaxation response is your breath…when you take a deep breath you stimulate the vagus nerve, which runs from your brain through your chest cavity into all your organs. Your immune cells, your stem cells, and all other organs and tissues in your body are connected to this nerve.  Stimulating the vagus nerve signals the production of hormones that calm your nervous system, reduce cortisol, help you metabolize your food, boost your brain function and naturally regulate your appetite.  Simply by breathing deeply and activating the vagus nerve, your body starts to boost metabolism and increase fat burning.
  • This is what your vagus nerve triggers when you stimulate it:
  1. reduced appetite and food intake
  2. reduced rate of turning food into fat
  3. increased metabolism and energy expenditure
  4. increased fat burning in your cells
  5. reduced appetite-stimulating hormones
  6. improved insulin sensitivity
  7. reduced inflammation
  8. increased number of and connections between your brain cells
  9. reduced body weight….


All of this is straight out of the book.  I am not a medical doctor, but I have taken control of our health and have experienced the most remarkable success in improving my health (and that of my husband) by knowing exactly what we eat at all times.  There is lots more to come…

Fresh is best


I try to get to a local organic market every Sunday morning when I’m in Adelaide.  Gone are the days when all food was organic and good for you.  These days one has to make a special trip to find local, organic, fresh produce that is in season.  Fortunately there are like-minded people around who have seen the need and have the passion to supply fresh, non-GMO, chemically-free in-season produce.


The Market Shed on Holland is fast becoming a hive of activity on Sundays.  Only 6 months in the making, it is the place to find fruit, veggies, tea, smoothies, spices, nuts, herbs, desserts and so much more.  There is also plenty of food available for you to have breakfast or just a coffee while you are there.  And EVERYTHING is organic.  I find it a tremendous relief not to have to analyse every single item I pick up to check for country of origin, presence of GMO’s or things I’m allergic to.  I actually enjoy going there.


As I’ve been away for the last 3 months, I needed to stock up on a few staples as well as my veggies and fruit for the week.  Organic brown rice, organic Basmati rice, organic almonds, organic macadamias, organic coconut oil, organic avocado and macadamia nut oils were all brought home as well.  Oh, and also some beautiful organic eggs.

The most important part of eating nutrient dense food, is having the right ingredients on hand all the time and being prepared.  It’s all about balance and choices, the right ones.

Beautiful Beef Stock

Nothing beats homemade stock for using in broth, soups, casseroles, curries, gravies, etc.  Your gut, and your whole body will love you for making your own stock to use in your home cooked nourishing meals.  Ditch the bought stock cubes and cartons of ready-made stock…



1.  Start with about 2kg of grass fed, organic marrow bones…ask your butcher to saw them in half if they are large.


2.  Use a large stock pot – add enough filtered water to cover your bones, and add chopped onion, diced celery (including the leaves), diced carrots and garlic.  I also add a decent amount of ground black pepper and Himalayan salt as well as a “dollop” of vinegar (to help remove all the goodness from the bones).


3.  And LOTS of different herbs!


4.  Bring to the boil. Skim off any scum that forms on the top to keep the stock nice and clear.


5. Let the stock simmer away for as many hours as you can.  I simmer mine for up to 48 hours allowing the flavours to develop and the stock to become concentrated.


6.  Once I am happy with the reduction, I take it off the heat and let it cool.  As it cools, I remove any fat that solidifies on the top of the stock.  Below this layer of fat is healthy, oh so good for you stock.


7.  To finish off the stock, I heat it up slowly, just until it is warm, and then remove all the “bits”, i.e. dem bones, herbs, onion, celery and carrot bits, etc, by pouring through a colander. You will notice that the volume is almost half of what I started with.


8.  I strain the stock using muslin or cheese cloth, until it is nice and clear – usually about 3 or 4 times.


9.  This is what it looks like one it has been strained.


10.  I then portion it in 250ml and 500ml food safe containers, label, with the date and freeze it for using as I need it.  It is concentrated, so when using, you still add some water, but freezing the concentrate saves on freezer space.

To add to soups, curries, casseroles, etc, it does not even need to be thawed – just add to the meal and let is slowly melt into whatever you are cooking.  Enjoy!

Eat Clean, Live Dirty and the M word…

The microbiome, what is it? Why should we care? And, most importantly, what should we do about it? The microbiome refers to all the microbes that live in or on the human body and includes bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa … The number of microbes in our gut alone outnumbers the total number of cells in our entire body.  Microbial cells in the body actually outnumber our human cells by 10:1, so we are actually more microbe than human!

Watch this entertaining but informative video by Dr Robynne Chutkan, an integrative gastroentorologist here.

Food for thought…

It is sad to think that our supermarkets or grocery stores need to advertise which aisles they stock the HEALTH FOOD or NATURAL FOOD in.  Surely all food should be healthy and natural?  Advertising signs should say Vegetables, Fruit, Milk, Cheese, Meat, Fish, etc…but they don’t.  What we choose to eat affects our gene expression and in simple terms this means you are actually in control of whether or not your genes will be turned “on” or “off” and whether or not you will or won’t develop chronic illness.  Listen to what Dr David Perlmutter has to say here .




Start a blog they said, so I did…

I started a blog.  Follow us on our journey to heath and see how we have done it.  It is still a work in progress, but we are getting there one day at a time.  It all started in earnest on Monday 28th April 2014…


Update April 2016:  No more pre diabetic, no more fatty liver, no more arthritis, no more migraines, no more pain and no more obesity!  How did we do it?  By going back to basics, cooking like my granny used to and only eating real food.  #Food is medicine.