It all starts here

Losing weight, regaining your health and enjoying life has never been more simple.  It all starts here.


Have you ever wondered why it’s so hard to lose weight, feel good and be the best version of yourself?  For 30 years I tried everything to lose weight.  I counted calories, I exercised, I starved myself, I followed Dr Atkins, I tried Sure Slim, I tried Weight Watchers, I tried Weigh Less, I consulted a dietician, I tried appetite suppressants, I tried everything available to lose weight, but I never succeeded, until recently, when I disregarded main stream weight loss remedies and followed my gut instinct.  You might be surprised to learn that health and weight-loss are easier than you think and  totally achievable, but you need to take responsibility for your own health and wellbeing and be committed to making the changes you need to succeed.

Hi, I’m Judy Miller, Pharmacist, nutrition, lifestyle and weight-loss practitioner. I can help you achieve better health and lose weight, using real food and no gimmicks.  Even though you think you may have tried everything and not succeeded, how I fixed my broken body following my own research, will be an eyeopener for you.   In 2014, I was obese, chronically inflamed, crippled with arthritis, in pain, had no energy and very little quality of life.  Fast forward 2 years and I have lost 42kg, I’m slim, no longer inflamed, no longer crippled, no longer in pain, have mountains of energy and live life to the full.

Through my one-on-one coaching or group courses, I can show you how to regain control of your health and as a side effect, lose weight!  Watch this space, details will be up soon!

I can help you achieve the best version of yourself.