Live life in the here and now

Do you live life to the fullest? Should we live forever?  Do I want to live forever? To be honest, this is something I never really thought about, until my first grandchild was born and I turned 50! Suddenly I became acutely aware of my own mortality. I knew in a flash that I only had x number of years left on this earth and I needed to make sure that however long I had, I had good quality of life and could still be of use to my family and community. I needed to be of healthy body, mind and spirit so I could make the best of my middle to older age years and so I embarked on a health crusade to ensure I not only had a good lifespan, but a good health span!  Let’s not forget that we need to live life and not merely exist!

I want to see my grandchildren grow up, I want to meet my future grandchildren, I want to be there for my children and their spouses to help them with my grandchildren. I want to be everything to my grandchildren that my Granny was to me. And to make sure this happens, I need to be healthy. But do I want to live forever? No, definitely not. How many years do I wish to live for? However many I can live without losing my mind, body or spirit. I never want to be a burden to anybody, I never want to have to leave my home. I have already moved continents during my lifetime, “the next time I move house it will be in a box” is a standard joke with my family! I have even informed my 3 children that no black is to be worn to the party after my funeral and which 3 songs I want played! Yes, they do think I’m mad and no I am not! The only part of this I haven’t organised yet is the date!

I have no finite number of years in mind, but I do know I want to live life to the fullest.  Like everything around us, our life passes through cycles. The different times of the day, from dawn to dusk, the seasons of the year, spring, summer, autumn and winter, our reproductive cycle, etc and at some stage all these cycles become full circles and there is nowhere else to go, but leave the circle. Sure, people are living longer now, for various reasons, but are they healthier? In many cases not. I don’t want to live my life cycle with too many years in the dark or winter time. I’ve done my time as a child in “spring”, my reproductive years in “summer” and consider myself to now be in my “autumn” years. I’m hoping my autumn will be long enough for me to get to do everything I want to do, so that by the time I enter my “winter” years, it won’t be dark and cold for too long.

Personally I think it is selfish to want to extend anybody’s life on earth, unless they can still be the person they wish to be. And why should some mortals have access to life extension and not others? We all enter this world in the same way and we should all be allowed to leave in a dignified manner when the time is right, which obviously won’t be the same time (or age) for everyone. A healthy lifespan is the responsibility of each and every one of us. Unfortunately there are many disadvantaged people the world over that statistically have a much lower lifespan and if money is available to help extend the lifespan of the unhealthy, privileged elderly who live in first world countries, why is this money not made available to extend the already reduced lifespan of underprivileged people of all ages in third world countries?  They too should be able to live life.

Beyond the cycle of our life on earth, we will enter the cycle of of our life that exists beyond our life on earth. Haven’t met anyone who has personal experience with that new cycle, so look forward to entering it when I do, but in the meantime I will live life to the max. Amen

A few months ago I actually 2 blog posts on how we are in control of our own health.  You can read them here and here .



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