Fresh is best


I try to get to a local organic market every Sunday morning when I’m in Adelaide.  Gone are the days when all food was organic and good for you.  These days one has to make a special trip to find local, organic, fresh produce that is in season.  Fortunately there are like-minded people around who have seen the need and have the passion to supply fresh, non-GMO, chemically-free in-season produce.


The Market Shed on Holland is fast becoming a hive of activity on Sundays.  Only 6 months in the making, it is the place to find fruit, veggies, tea, smoothies, spices, nuts, herbs, desserts and so much more.  There is also plenty of food available for you to have breakfast or just a coffee while you are there.  And EVERYTHING is organic.  I find it a tremendous relief not to have to analyse every single item I pick up to check for country of origin, presence of GMO’s or things I’m allergic to.  I actually enjoy going there.


As I’ve been away for the last 3 months, I needed to stock up on a few staples as well as my veggies and fruit for the week.  Organic brown rice, organic Basmati rice, organic almonds, organic macadamias, organic coconut oil, organic avocado and macadamia nut oils were all brought home as well.  Oh, and also some beautiful organic eggs.

The most important part of eating nutrient dense food, is having the right ingredients on hand all the time and being prepared.  It’s all about balance and choices, the right ones.

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  1. It is pure joy having this market on our doorstep. No longer do i buy foods that fit a recipe but buy seasonal foods and eat accordingly. When I started on my healthy eating journey i went tona farmers market looking for ginger and Kale. No they said it is not in season and hence not produced locally at this time. And …. The penny dropped. Silly me. Eating seasonal
    foods ensures you receive the nutrients appropriate to what our bodies need at the time. Cant argue with beautiful mother nature 🙂

    1. The more we support these local organic markets, the more we support our local farmers and promote our own healthy eating and ultimately our health. We certainly are what we eat and yes Mother Nature sure knows best!

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